Deposites of the Museum              in Chrudim
study 2007
client: Pardubice Region
The basic architecture principle is the division of the building into two distinct volumes - the part of the actual depositary and the part of the restoration workshops, offices and relating service facilities. The depositary, that largely for the entire year requires very accurate regulation of temperature and humidity, will be concentrated in a three-storey, perfectly isolated building with a minimum of windows. On top of that, it will be protected by a coat composed of hanging concrete panels. The restoration workshops and offices of the specialists, that do not require airconditioning and where an abundance of the natural daylight is desirable, are separated in a two-storey, lenghtwise building, with windows to the east and a view of the city. Windows are shaded by wooden blinds, which revive the concrete volumes by natural colours. Workshops, sanitary equipment and all other wet, and therefore high-risk operations, are placed out of the depositary space. The lenghtwise space of the building adapts to the landscaping configuration and faces the centre of the City of Chrudim on its eastern side. The main entrance is accentuated by the cantilever of workshop section of the building.