Skanska Property, Prague
finished 2012
client: Skanska Property Czech Republic, s.r.o.
The headquarters of the Skanska Property company in the City Green Court building in Prague, is a far from the usual idea of an office. More than an office it is a living interior that combines spaces of various character and purpose. The entrance hall continues to a pair of conference rooms and a social zone with a large kitchen and a dining room, a place for informal meetings. The actual office workplaces are placed alongside the southern facade in an open-plan form. The Scandinavian character of the company Skanska Property is evoked not only by the use of colors and natural materials, but also by three telephone boxes with wooden benches and wooden facing, which users spontaneously named "the sauna". In the direction of the atrium, another conference room is situated with most importantly "the living room", a place for individual focused work. The pleasant environment of this room complements the live green wall that also serves to represent the company from the atrium of the building.