Villa Beroun
finished 2011
client: Renata a Ondřej Zatloukalovi
A family house stands on a plot of land, that is a part of a larger estate of a new development within the town of Beroun in a location known as "Na Paloučku". It is a location west of the town centre of Beroun, in a southern slope with a view of a valley and in particular of the hills of "Český kras" opposite the site. The new building is designed in a manner to benefit maximally from the previously mentioned southern view. Therefore, it is "pushed" to a position above the northern part of the plot of land and has two floors. Additionally, this principal is supported by the length-wise shape of the house, that enables all living areas to be oriented to the south and south-west. The "pushing" of the building to the north and the atypical shape of the plot of land significantly influenced the formation of the shape of the building. The basic volume of the house is a block, that is cut off from the west and partially from the north in parallel with the borders of neighboring plots. From the northern side, the site is connected to the local road, there is also the "trademan's" entrance to the house and two parking spaces. The house is conceived as a low-energy wooden construction. The sandwich facade on the northern side benefits from vertically positioned planks made from the Siberian larch wood. The windows are wooden with thermally insulated triple glazing. Warmth is provided by electrical floor heating.