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Glassmaster House, České Milovy

design: 2010-2011
construction: 2010-2022

In 1835, the Milovy glassworks was built on the edge of the forest under the Four Sticks, around which a whole new settlement was established. The work of glassmakers from Milovy soon became famous and glass was from Milovy exported to Europe and overseas. At the end of the 19th century, however, without the proximity of the railway, the smelter could not withstand the competition of the North Bohemian glassworks and ceased to exist in 1886. All that was left of it was the brick building of the glass master, whose reconstruction our project dealt with. In our work, we relied on the preserved original plans. According to them, we restored the symmetrical composition of the building, were inspired by the restoration of the facades and completed the defunct bell tower. We had all the preserved building elements restored by skilled local craftsmen and supplemented them with contemporary elements. Thanks to the client's generosity, we had the opportunity to create a comprehensive architectural work, from the renovation of the building to the detailed design of individual elements of its interior. The building was thus rebuilt into a comfortable residential building, and since its owner is a collector of utility glass, the building will include a public gallery of his collection in the near future.

The building on the ground floor is divided into two parts by the hall, which connects the southern and northern facades. The eastern part of the house is residential, with living room, spacious kitchen, sauna, bedroom and sanitary and operational facilities. In the western half of the ground floor, which was originally used for economic purposes, there is a glass gallery and a wine bar. In the attic there are two guest rooms and a spacious attic, used for social events. The existing vaulted cellar is used as a warehouse and wine cellar. The building is heated by a heat pump connected to geothermal wells.