Housing in Jičín

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Housing in Jičín

competetion 2013, 1st prize

client: The city of Jičín

This project covers development of area freed by demolition of former barracks. This area is located close to Jičín town center and is defined by monumental linden tree alley and wooded Čeřovka hill. Proposal created housing urban structure, which naturally follows existing development, that is respected and its composition principles are completed.

Existing housing development is completed and on south-eastern side is bounded by service road parallel to the alley. Housing buildings – town villas are proposed to fill this area between the road and the alley. Their structure is designed to define street line towards the alley, but in the same time to use irregular space of the plots to create pleasant living space for residents.

In the center of concerned area is proposed a town square following the axis Čeřovka hill – alley. This square is public space, place for meeting and leisure activities for residents from the whole area. There is kindergarten on the northern side, surrounded by gardens with public access on the south. There is public building located directly on the town square – shops and café with covered terrace and view towards the alley.