Auditoriums of ČVUT, Prague

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Auditoriums at ČVUT, Prague

finished 2015

client: Czech Technical University in Prague

Refurbishment of two floors of historic building housing the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering is a follow-up to our previous work done at Czech Technical University in Prague at Charles Square. Big auditoriums on the second and third floor are situated mainly alongside street facades and they were in a bad technical condition, not only in terms of their equipment, but also due to the quality of the materials used. A very significant aspect of our work was the necessity to interfere as little as possible in the nature and historic ornamentation of the rooms of the building which is a historical monument. Therefore, whenever it was possible we placed new elements in the building independently of the original renovated structures. Our solution included equipping all auditoriums with modern air conditioning, acoustic and audiovisual systems. The major part of this technology is covered by hanging acoustic soffits which are placed alongside the walls (with a gap between the soffits and walls). All fixed as well as movable furniture in the rooms is new. The only exceptions are two auditoriums where we used historic hinged benches with working desks which we chose from the preserved pieces and restored them to their original condition.