The Embankment of the River Loučná in Litomyšl

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The embankment of the river Loučná in Litomyšl

competition 2013, 2nd prize

client: Nadace Proměny

A competition was launched to improve the area around the river Loučná in Litomyšl. The river creates a natural border between the tight urban structure of the historical centre of Litomyšl and loose, more naturally formed urban landscape on its left bank. The conception of the municipal space is based on the differentiation of the characters of the parks on each bank and on the construction of the pedestrian promenade along the right bank of the river. This promenade, together with the proposed bay in the center of the given area offers the inhabitants of Litomyšl the possibility of access to, and leisure time by, the waterfront. The parks on both banks are connected by a walk bridge and a ford.

This design was placed second in the public architectural competition - Award of the Foundation Proměny 2013.