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Residential house Pod Jalovým dvorem, Praha

realization 2023

The first sketches of the residential building Pod Jalovým dvorem were created in June 2018. Over the next 4 years a secluded corner with a car repair shop was transformed into a decent place for living. Housing that has all the qualities of contemporary city life. Living where neighbors know each other. This wouldn't be possible without an excellent cooperation with an enlightened investor. The L-shaped corner house responds to the specific location - a low-rise enclave, surrounded by high-rise housing developments. It consists of two full floors and pent-house floor.  In the semi-recessed basement there are parking and home depots. In total, the building consists of 17 residential units, of which 3 are maisonettes. On top of the parking lot a community space for residents is designed: the inyard garden.