Ryazan Shopping Mall, Ryazan, Russia

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Ryazan Shopping Mall, Ryazan, Russia

finished 2011

client: Ryazan Shopping Mall Limited

The grounds of the "M5 Mall" shopping and entertainment centre are located on the periphery of the Russian town of Ryazan, close to an important road connection the M5 link Moscow - Chelyabinsk. In the main it is mostly a one-storey building of some 70 000 m2, which contains a hypermarket, a multi-screen cinema with 8 screens, and approximately 160 commercial units of various types and sizes. In the exterior boasts a parking area for 2 500 passenger vehicles.

The building is divided to two lengthwise and three diagonal commercial passages. The intersections of these passages has created large circular plazas. The long straight parts of the passages are optically divided into shorter sections with the help of smaller circular courts. Each of the common courts is illuminated by a robust skylight. The central eliptical plaza in the centre of the building serves as a rest area surrounded by fast food restaurants. Its centre is accentuated by three circular fountains and is once again illuminated by roof skylights.